Hello, I'm Audrey!

I am a third-year PhD student in Computer Science at UC Berkeley in the Sky Computing Lab advised by Ion Stoica and Natacha Crooks. My research focuses on transaction processing for database systems. Most recently, I have built TAOBench, a new transactional benchmark that captures Meta's social network workload.

Previously, I graduated with a BSE in Operations Research and Financial Engineering from Princeton University, where I was fortunate to work with Wyatt Lloyd and Kai Li. I have interned on the Themis team at Facebook, which focuses on providing stronger consistency and isolation guarantees for large-scale systems. I am grateful to be supported by a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, a Meta PhD Research Fellowship, and a Berkeley Chancellor's Fellowship.

Latest News

Apr 2022
TAOBench accepted into VLDB 2022!
Aug 2021
Check out our Facebook Engineering blog post on RAMP-TAO!
Aug 2021
RAMP-TAO awarded Best Industry Paper at VLDB 2021!


TAOBench: An End-to-End Benchmark for Social Network Workloads

Audrey Cheng, Xiao Shi, Aaron Kabcenell, Shilpa Lawande, Hamza Qadeer, Jason Chan, Harrison Tin, Ryan Zhao, Peter Bailis, Mahesh Balakrishnan, Nathan Bronson, Natacha Crooks, Ion Stoica

VLDB 2022 [pdf][code][Meta blog post][blog post]

RAMP-TAO: Layering Atomic Transactions on Facebook’s Online TAO Data Store

Audrey Cheng , Xiao Shi, Lu Pan, Anthony Simpson, Neil Wheaton, Shilpa Lawande, Nathan Bronson, Peter Bailis, Natacha Crooks, Ion Stoica

Best Industry Paper Award

VLDB 2021 [pdf][talk][blog post]

Ownership: A Distributed Futures System for Fine-Grained Dynamic Tasks

Stephanie Wang, Eric Liang, Edward Oakes, Benjamin Hindman, Frank Sifei Luan, Audrey Cheng, Ion Stoica

NSDI 2021 [pdf]

Gryff: Unifying Consensus and Shared Registers

Matthew Burke, Audrey Cheng, Wyatt Lloyd

NSDI 2020 [pdf][code]


“TAOBench: An End-to-End Benchmark for Social Networking Workloads”
  • HTAP Summit (Palo Alto, CA): Nov. 2022.
  • PingCAP Meetup (Berkeley, CA and Online): Sep. 2022.
  • Fifteenth TUC Meeting @ SIGMOD 2022 (Online): Jun. 2022.
  • Berkeley Database Seminar (Berkeley, CA): Feb. 2022.
  • Berkeley Progressive Systems Seminar (Online): Dec. 2021.
  • Deep-Dive Talks @ Facebook (Online): Sep. 2021.
“RAMP-TAO: Layering Atomic Transactions on Facebook’s Online TAO Data Store”
  • LinkedIn Big Data Platforms (Online): Mar 2022.
  • Meta Core Data Tech Talks (Online): Feb 2022.
  • RISELab Winter 2022 Retreat (Online): Jan 2022.
  • Berkeley Databases Seminar (Online): May 2021.
  • Berkeley Progressive Systems Seminar (Online): Apr. 2021.
“Gryff: Unifying Consensus and Shared Registers”
  • DB Engineering @ Facebook (Online): Aug. 2020.
“Unifying Caching Objectives with Learning Relaxed Belady”
  • Deep-Dive Talks @ Facebook (Online): Aug. 2020.
  • Princeton Senior Thesis Oral Presentation (Online): May 2020.

Fellowships and Awards

  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2022)
  • Meta PhD Research Fellowship (2022)
  • Berkeley Chancellor's Fellowship (2020)
  • Berkeley EECS Excellence Award (2020)
  • Princeton Kenneth H. Condit '13 Prize (2020)
  • Princeton Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi (2019, 2020)
  • Princeton George B. Wood Legacy Junior Prize (2019)
  • Princeton Shapiro Prize for Academic Excellence (2017, 2018)


You can reach me at accheng at berkeley dot edu. If you are a Berkeley undergrad interested in research, please contact me via email.
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